Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Better than before...

You know how I said we had found our venue. Well scrap that. We went through our budget not long ago and figured that to cut costs we had to cut guests. To be honest it was easier than I thought, we started the list again with family and then stopped at our close friends. Then we rememebered the lady at Cypress Lakes said they were going through renovations and extending their marquee. So we checked it out again... They pretty much TRIPLED the size of it. While we were checking it out there was a function going on that would have been about the same size as our wedding would have been so it was helpful to give us an idea. But because the marquee was so big and the party was so small it just looked stupid. So Cypress Lakes has now gone out the window. We could have chosen a function room or restaurant at Cypress instead but I wanted somewhere that felt open and bright. I've looked at so many reception venues and they were all dark and closed in. However the new venue hunt ended almost as fast as it started. I searched everywhere on the net that I hadn't already looked at and came across The Lakehouse at Murrays Beach. I went and visited in my lunch break as it was just up the road from my work and it was PERFECT! It was exactly what I wanted. It's pretty much on the side of a national park so its surrounded by beautiful bushland, right on the lake with a jetty and its exactly the right size. We met with the event co-ordinator over Christmas and had a chat with her about what we wanted to do. It turns out that someone who already put a deposit on their wedding moved their date to ours so we had to push it back a day. I was so over the hunt and REALLY wanted this venue. It helped that the event co-ordinator felt bad we couldn't have our date so she took off the Saturday surcharge and the cake cutting fee, believe it or not even though it was a small amount per person it cut down the costs a fair bit! I think one of the best parts is that if we have our ceremony in the park by the cafe it will cost nothing! Cypress was going to charge us $1000 just to have the ceremony onsite as with most other places in the hunter valley! Well screw you guys :P So we've paid the deposit and we are locked in! 15th October 2011 - Lakehouse Cafe at Murrays Beach here we come!

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