Friday, November 19, 2010

Dunlop Volleys YEWWW!

Last night was my first indoor netball game of the season. Last week was our first official game but I had already planned Matt's birthday dinner before I was told we were starting up again.

Now just to clarify, we aren't professionals, we just play for fun and to hopefully gain some healthy exercise in the process.

We did pretty good, even though it was just 5 a side our fifth player had to sit out and for the first half I had to defend for two positions. That was hard! At half time Laura and I swapped and she rocked it! The goal shooter she was up against was rather large so kinda had that as an advantage against Laura as she was also taller than her but Laura was all over that sh*t. I swear, best defence I had ever seen.

We lost 8-11 but it was a really good game. I like it when we go up against other teams with similar experience to us, its more fun. Its less fun when your up against a super good team that used to play rep and flog you in 2 seconds flat.

Keen for next week! :)

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