Friday, June 18, 2010


I dont know if I'm just playing the victim here or if it really is the way I see it... but I just feel like whenever I'm driving I'm a target for d***head drivers to cut in front of, overtake me at ridiculous speeds, box me in, not let me merge, beep at me when they're in the wrong or for no reason or for going the speed limit etc. It's endless!

I just feel like because I'm still on my red P's and have wanky personalised number plates it gives permission for other drivers to be jerks to me.

Yes, I'll admit I'm not the most super awesome driver around but I like to think I'm a polite driver, most of the time. I indicate correctly around roundabouts, I let people in when they indicate to merge, I believe in the one for one rule (even though sometimes it ends up being more than one) and I really only use the right hand lane to merge or if I'm going faster than others *cough* speeding *cough*. I did say polite, not that I follow the rules all the time. I'm not perfect.

In saying that I do admit that on occasion I drive like a stereotypical Red P plater and I get road rage*. I admit that I need to calm down and not feel the pressure to keep up with everyone else. This is something that I'm working on.

About a month ago, I did a driving skills course with my insurance company. I only did it because it was free for drivers under 25 and you get 10% off your car insurance up until you turn 25. Even though I was in it for the cheaper insurance it really opened my eyes. It wasn't a defensive driving course where you do hand brakies and drift, it was actually really informative. Using our own cars we learnt how long it takes for your car to stop which includes reaction time and physical time it takes for you to actually move your feet to the brake, amongst other important things. The main aim of the course was to teach us young'uns to slow down and leave more space. I recommend it for EVERYONE, I honestly think all P platers should do the course as part of their requirements to progress their licence.

As a result of this course I've been doing pretty good at trying to be a calmer, more law abiding driver, it's just when some idiot hoon in a 2003 or generally earlier model Commodore** decides that they are in a race, fly past you, half flash the indicator, cut you off by squeezing into a space they barely fit into and then suddenly slow down for no reason is when I lose my cool. ARGH!

Next week I'm going for my green P's, hopefully if I get them things might change...I wonder?

*I yell at other drivers from inside my locked car wishing I had the guts to wind my window down and throw something at them
**I'm just generalising here its not always Commodore drivers

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