Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Better than before...

You know how I said we had found our venue. Well scrap that. We went through our budget not long ago and figured that to cut costs we had to cut guests. To be honest it was easier than I thought, we started the list again with family and then stopped at our close friends. Then we rememebered the lady at Cypress Lakes said they were going through renovations and extending their marquee. So we checked it out again... They pretty much TRIPLED the size of it. While we were checking it out there was a function going on that would have been about the same size as our wedding would have been so it was helpful to give us an idea. But because the marquee was so big and the party was so small it just looked stupid. So Cypress Lakes has now gone out the window. We could have chosen a function room or restaurant at Cypress instead but I wanted somewhere that felt open and bright. I've looked at so many reception venues and they were all dark and closed in. However the new venue hunt ended almost as fast as it started. I searched everywhere on the net that I hadn't already looked at and came across The Lakehouse at Murrays Beach. I went and visited in my lunch break as it was just up the road from my work and it was PERFECT! It was exactly what I wanted. It's pretty much on the side of a national park so its surrounded by beautiful bushland, right on the lake with a jetty and its exactly the right size. We met with the event co-ordinator over Christmas and had a chat with her about what we wanted to do. It turns out that someone who already put a deposit on their wedding moved their date to ours so we had to push it back a day. I was so over the hunt and REALLY wanted this venue. It helped that the event co-ordinator felt bad we couldn't have our date so she took off the Saturday surcharge and the cake cutting fee, believe it or not even though it was a small amount per person it cut down the costs a fair bit! I think one of the best parts is that if we have our ceremony in the park by the cafe it will cost nothing! Cypress was going to charge us $1000 just to have the ceremony onsite as with most other places in the hunter valley! Well screw you guys :P So we've paid the deposit and we are locked in! 15th October 2011 - Lakehouse Cafe at Murrays Beach here we come!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Chosen One.

We have a celebrant!

A lady who works with Laura is a celebrant so I booked her in! No more awkward meetings as I have also worked with this lady in a different section once before. She is lovely and cant wait to have a formal meeting with her early next year.

I'm glad we finally have ONE detail booked in. Especially since it is the most important detail, everything else can turn to crap or not work out so long as at the end of the day we have filled out our paper work and we have a celebrant to marry us. All that really matters is that we will be married!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's good to put things into perspective...

Wedding envy. I've got it. I have it even more so because so many people I know are getting married around the same time as me. Everytime I hear they've planned something or are doing something similar to me I have this rush of envy and competition shoot through me. Not good.

So when I was reading polka dot bride this morning they had a link to this blog about envy. Click Click! It really puts things into perspective for me. Our wedding is going to be about US. I don't even want to have a large extravagant wedding, so I shouldn't get so worked up that so and so is arriving on the back of an elephant or that a couple on some random blog had fireworks.

I think I might print out that entry and read over it each time I feel envious again.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dunlop Volleys YEWWW!

Last night was my first indoor netball game of the season. Last week was our first official game but I had already planned Matt's birthday dinner before I was told we were starting up again.

Now just to clarify, we aren't professionals, we just play for fun and to hopefully gain some healthy exercise in the process.

We did pretty good, even though it was just 5 a side our fifth player had to sit out and for the first half I had to defend for two positions. That was hard! At half time Laura and I swapped and she rocked it! The goal shooter she was up against was rather large so kinda had that as an advantage against Laura as she was also taller than her but Laura was all over that sh*t. I swear, best defence I had ever seen.

We lost 8-11 but it was a really good game. I like it when we go up against other teams with similar experience to us, its more fun. Its less fun when your up against a super good team that used to play rep and flog you in 2 seconds flat.

Keen for next week! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebrant Meeting

When it comes to this wedding planning business, Matt and I have noooo idea. Everyone asks us "Haven't you been to other weddings?" Well yes but of the three that I had been to, one was my parents when I was a baby and the other two I was flower girl for. Pretty sure the only wedding Matt has been to he was about 12 maybe even younger. So we really don't have anything to refer back to. Dont get me wrong there is plenty of help around whether it be from family, our neighbour, online blogs etc or from magazines. We just cant draw back from our own experiences of actually being at a wedding.

So when we finally got around to thinking about a celebrant we've decided to meet up with a few of them so that we could get a feel for how they work and if we felt comfortable with them.

We met with the first celebrant last night. She was one of the options mainly because she lives just up the road from us and she made the effort to call me (multiple times).

She was really lovely, she said that because the wedding was about us she would leave most of the things for us to pick out and then she'd word and format everything so it all ties in properly. She showed us her PA and told us examples of readings and her ceremonies, went through all the legal stuff etc and you could tell that she was really passionate about what she does.

Only downside was, she could talk the roof off a house. We got there at 6:30pm and didn't leave till 9:30pm. She just talked and talked and talked about random stuff all the while Matt was squeezing my hand in an attempt to make me find an exit strategy.

So I think we'll give her about a 7 out of 10. We did really like her at first and we did feel comfortable talking to her but we dont want every meeting to be as long as that one was.

I'm currently in the throws of organising a meeting with another celebrant, I already really like this guy from his website so hopefully we wont have to continue looking after his meeting.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We've chosen to have both the ceremony and reception at Cypress Lakes Resort up in the Hunter Valley. It was only the second place we looked at and I fell in love. Matt wasn't convinced with the price so to please him, we looked at as many othe wedding venues in the Hunter Valley area that I could handle.

I got over it fairly quickly. There was one other place that I was keen on but they already had too many weddings booked in for October next year, so they made that decision for us.

Matt should be calling up the Wedding Coordinator to let her know that we will definitely be booking them. I'm excited!

On another note, I have also booked in with a designer to talk about getting my dress made and set up a meeting with a celebrant. The ball is rolling! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

E Party

So mine and Matt's engagement party was on the weekend and WOW! It was better than my 21st! It was just an afternoon backyard gathering, but all the important people were there and made it the best afternoon/night.

We had all the typical things:

A lolly bar with chocolate fountain

Clothes line guest book with polaroid photos

Fake moustaches on sticks

And goon.

That's right, GOON!* Amongst that there was also way too much food, plenty of non goon alcohol, pom poms, lots of wonderful people and of course us, the lovers!

In the beginning I was trying so hard to get everything organised, pumping out food ect that I stressed myself out super bad. One of my old friends who I hadn't seen in a while turned up and I got so overwhelmed by everything that I teared up and had an emotional moment. Pretty sure I freaked her out a little coz I was so stressed, so at that moment I told myself to stop stressing and left everything up to my sisters. And boy they did an excellent job! I cant thank them enough for all the help they gave me. Honestly the best sisters in the world!

Other than my mini meltdown, everything went smoothly. The chocolate fountain got knocked over because Jack, our dog, pulled the extension cord while playing fetch. So the lolly bar went out of action as it got smothered in chocolate, but it was actually a good thing because all the kiddies were hyped up on soo much sugar.

And after all the olds left, we kicked on. Everyone was overly happy on goon and passion pop. I was dragged out to say a speech which didn't end up happening coz no one would be quiet so in the end our good friend said "This is taking too long, so I'm just going to say congratulations to the happy couple. It's about time!" and Matt jumped in and said "To my future wife!" which made my friends all go "awwwww!". Then we drank some more! We progressed on to a night on the town and got back home at about 1am which we then passed out.

Matt pulled up okay but I woke up feeling sick as a dog, it was worth it though. I hope the wedding will be as fun as our engagement party was. The only thing I regret is not getting enough photos together with Matt and our guests. But that will be something we wont forget at the wedding.

*Matt was in charge of alcohol and decided Fruity Lexia goon and Passion Pop was a good wine. *facepalm*

Friday, October 29, 2010

FAB piccies

So I think I said I'd post photos of Fat As Butter. If not then well what a pleasant surprise! Kat, Clint & Lora eating subway, before we left.

Matt and I. (I feel I need new sunnies)

The girlies and I. (I found new sunnies on the ground :P)

Suffocating Kat under my poncho.

All smiles at the end of the night!

It didn't stay that way but I dont need to bore you with those details.


I'm so excited!

And I just cant hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

Oh everytime I hear or think "I'm so excited", I always break out into that song.

But thats not the point. I'm excited because my engagement party is tomorrow! Yewwwww!

It's going to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our story so far...

So since I'm lazy. Here's an altered copy of our e party invitation, it tells of how we met and how our relationship progressed. :)

And since you cant really read the text here's what it says:

Ashley & Matthew met on the foreshore across the road from Pit Lane during the Christmas holidays of 2005. They went back to a friend’s house where she fell asleep in his arms whilst watching movies.

Ash had a little crush on Matt and he thought she was cute, so they swapped numbers and planned a date. He took her to Putt Putt where she got three hole-in-ones, so he decided to not keep score. They went for a walk along the beach and stood on the rocks to watch the waves roll in. Matt wanted to kiss her but Ash was so nervous she kept moving around to make it awkward for him to even try.

Matt wasn’t scared off by Ash’s crazy friends at a New Years Eve Party and they became official boyfriend and girlfriend. The holidays finished and Ash went back to school while Matt got a job.

Every day after school Ash would visit and they became inseparable. Ash graduated high school and moved to Sydney to study Journalism. It was so hard to be away so she came back every weekend. When Ash finished her studies she came back and they moved in together.

Matt decided renting was dead money so he bought a house. He told Ash they should have a “talk”. He said that buying a house is a big deal and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He said he planned on proposing eventually, he just wanted to wait for the right time. So Ash waited and waited and waited.

Then when she least expected it on her 22nd birthday after dinner, they went for a walk on Nobby’s beach. Matt sneakily asked Ash’s best friends to plant a bottle with a message in the sand. Ash thought it was some kids project and didn’t think they should have opened the letter till she noticed the first line said “To my beautiful Ashmac”. Matt got down on one knee and Ash realised what was going on. She skipped to the last paragraph to find “Ashley will you marry me?” She was so excited she forgot to say yes, so Matt still on his knee asked again and pulled out the ring. She said “Yes!”

To be continued!

Friday, October 22, 2010

On Another Note...

IS ON TOMORROW! Cant wait to see Tame Impala, Grafton Primary, Muscles, Wolfmother, Potbelleez etc


Two months.

So it's roughly been two months since my last blog post. Woops. I told you I fail at this.

Aaaaanyways, let me fill you in on what's been goin down.

My 22nd birthday came around, got engaged on said birthday, helped host a baby shower, had a girly sleepover as a belated birthday surprise, got stuck into organising our engagement party and looked at about a bigillion wedding venues.

Wait. What was that? Go back? I'm engaged? Yep! I knew it was coming. Hence my desire of wanting a wedding so freaking bad. Well I knew, but I didn't know it was going to happen when it did! More on that another time. :)

So now I've been busily planning our engagement party and with that I'll leave you with my inspiration for the eParty. It'll probably be more like stolen idea's rather than inspiration but here ya go http://www.polkadotbride.com/index.php/2010/07/14/katie-and-morgans-picnic-lunch-engagement-party/

Love love.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Viva La Weekend!

Hooray! It's almost time for me to pack up my stuff and head home! Woop!
I'm gonna kick back relax and maybe bake a cake. Yuuuuuuum! ^_^
Ciao bello!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I need to stop...

looking at Wedding blogs.

I want to have a wedding! I dont want to go to other peoples weddings. I want my own!

Friday, August 20, 2010


So I fail at blogging. It's been a month since my last post!

Ah well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Magic magic magic magic...

Art Vs Science have finally released their new single Magic Fountain!

Tom and Alex had them in this morning and they played it.

I'm soooooo happy! I turned the radio up and started dancing around my office hoping no one would see me. Luckily I get in before everyone else!

The first time I heard this song was at Fat as Butter the day after they'd written it.

And when I saw them at Good Vibes and they played it again. I was all excited and singing along and my friends were like "how do you even know this song?". Me being a true Art Vs Science fan saw them at FAB instead of Hilltop Hoods who were playing at the same time.

Anyways all you Triple J listeners keep your ears open coz I'm sure they'll be playing it again!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I dont know if I'm just playing the victim here or if it really is the way I see it... but I just feel like whenever I'm driving I'm a target for d***head drivers to cut in front of, overtake me at ridiculous speeds, box me in, not let me merge, beep at me when they're in the wrong or for no reason or for going the speed limit etc. It's endless!

I just feel like because I'm still on my red P's and have wanky personalised number plates it gives permission for other drivers to be jerks to me.

Yes, I'll admit I'm not the most super awesome driver around but I like to think I'm a polite driver, most of the time. I indicate correctly around roundabouts, I let people in when they indicate to merge, I believe in the one for one rule (even though sometimes it ends up being more than one) and I really only use the right hand lane to merge or if I'm going faster than others *cough* speeding *cough*. I did say polite, not that I follow the rules all the time. I'm not perfect.

In saying that I do admit that on occasion I drive like a stereotypical Red P plater and I get road rage*. I admit that I need to calm down and not feel the pressure to keep up with everyone else. This is something that I'm working on.

About a month ago, I did a driving skills course with my insurance company. I only did it because it was free for drivers under 25 and you get 10% off your car insurance up until you turn 25. Even though I was in it for the cheaper insurance it really opened my eyes. It wasn't a defensive driving course where you do hand brakies and drift, it was actually really informative. Using our own cars we learnt how long it takes for your car to stop which includes reaction time and physical time it takes for you to actually move your feet to the brake, amongst other important things. The main aim of the course was to teach us young'uns to slow down and leave more space. I recommend it for EVERYONE, I honestly think all P platers should do the course as part of their requirements to progress their licence.

As a result of this course I've been doing pretty good at trying to be a calmer, more law abiding driver, it's just when some idiot hoon in a 2003 or generally earlier model Commodore** decides that they are in a race, fly past you, half flash the indicator, cut you off by squeezing into a space they barely fit into and then suddenly slow down for no reason is when I lose my cool. ARGH!

Next week I'm going for my green P's, hopefully if I get them things might change...I wonder?

*I yell at other drivers from inside my locked car wishing I had the guts to wind my window down and throw something at them
**I'm just generalising here its not always Commodore drivers

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have an addiction to reading Vogue forums. It started when I was googling to find something cool to wear to a music festival.

I clicked the link and it sucked me in.

Every day at work I secretly read different forums about fashion, make up and even cleaning. I even read the Brides section. No, I'm not planning a wedding or even engaged (yet...) but I get a bit of joy out of hearing what things these "voguettes" are planning. I love love LOVE organising parties and events, and a wedding is the biggest thing a girl will ever organise. *moving onward*

These Vogue forums created a bit of a chain reaction, voguettes would have links to their blogs and out of curiosity of course I would click on them. Reading/stickybeaking on other people's blogs has inspired me to write my own and that's why we're here!

Now I'm stuck for what to say next, I guess I'll introduce myself.

I'm very well-known as AshMac and at 21 years of age I like to think that I'm in a good place. I love my life, friends, job etc. I especially love my boyfriend of 4 years, 4 months and 26 days (I only know this because he decided that we were official on NYE, makes it easy to count days, although if anyone asks either of us we always look at each other and pretend like we have to think about it).

Anyways that's me for now. Keep reading and you'll gradually find out more about me. Hopefully I'll keep writing :P